Greg Mansfield

Hi, and welcome to There Be Ghosts!

I’m Greg Mansfield, founder and owner of this site. I’m a researcher, writer, investigator, and award-winning adult educator. I was born in the UK and grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where I currently live.

I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal (namely ghosts, UFOs, and Sasquatch) since I was a boy.

I’m author of the popular Ghosts of Vancouver website and book, which kind of makes me an authority on the haunted places of my city.

Wherever I travel I make a point to visit mysterious places, including haunted sites, ancient ruins, and UFO hotspots. This obsession has led me to create this site to help YOU — a paranormal enthusiast and/or history buff like me — learn about and visit such intriguing places.

This website is currently in its childhood; I’m publishing new pages as quickly as possible. I’m also creating a virtual team of other like-minded writers to contribute to these pages.

If you’re here for ideas for your next paranormal and/or historical-sites tour, please keep visiting.

And if you’d like to contribute your own stories about must-see mysterious places in various parts of the world, please contact me here.

Thanks, and happy paranormal travels!